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You are here for a reason.
It is time to discover your purpose & ignite your fire

​Welcome to "Find Your Fire" – your ultimate journey to reigniting your passion and purpose. This isn't your average coaching program; it's a dynamic journey filled with energy healing, intuitive insights, and hands-on activities. We will be working on the physical, verbal, and energetic levels to help you make sense of your journey here on earth and create the deep transformation to get you back on track.

Get ready to dive deep, overcome your obstacles, and discover what truly sets your soul on fire. It's time to turn your dreams into reality and make your life the thrilling adventure that you know it can be!

Find Your Fire
1:1 Coaching

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Are you ready to grab hold of your life and light it on fire? Wanting to power charge it and get full support through individual coaching sessions? Warning: major life change ahead!

Each session begins with an energy healing & intuitive reading to make progress on an energetic level while aligning your energy with the new you that is being created. This speeds up the transformation while supporting you in your growth.

I connect with my guides and your guides throughout the program to gather support and insights to help keep you on track and moving forward.

Every session will also include an exercise and discussion to help us understand what your soul wants and needs from this life and homework assignments to keep you moving forward in the time between our sessions. Adding action to insights is what really gets the heat moving on your life.

Throughout the program you will learn tools that will equip you to stay on track for your journey and life ahead - including working with your guides, connecting with your intuition, performing your own energy cleansing, and more.

To help us in our collaboration and to be a journal of this experience, you receive your own on-line workbook that will outline your evolving program and be a space where we can document your discoveries.

Here is a general outline of the program to give you a feel of what is involved - but will be adjusted to your unique needs.


The program comes in 3 levels - though you may find you only need to journey through one or two of the levels with me. At the conclusion of each level we will decide whether to move on to the next level together or if you are ready to tackle it on your own, or would like to join the group program. ​

Level 1: Ignite the Spark  (7 Sessions)

In Level 1, we'll kick off your journey by diving deep into self-discovery. We'll explore your goals, set powerful intentions, and identify your unique strengths and challenges. Through a series of insightful exercises and energy practices, you'll gain clarity on your life's purpose and start to ignite the inner fire that drives you forward.

  • Session 1: Sit & Spill

    • In this session, we get the lay of the land - find out what you want to accomplish, discuss what the program will be, and set an intention for your upcoming life. We will begin diving into your particular needs and challenges, and do one of my favorite exercises to gain insights on the path ahead.

  • Session 2: Life Themes & Lessons​

  • Session 3: Lessons & Challenges​

  • Session 4: Walking Into the Fire: Fears​

  • Session 5: Shadow to Shine​

  • Session 6: Passions, Joys & Talents​

  • Session 7: Finding the Way Forward

Level 2: Spark to Flame: Bringing Purpose to Life (7 Sessions)

Level 2 focuses on transforming your vision into reality. We'll work through each of your chakras, harnessing their energy to support your purpose. You'll create actionable plans, articulate your goals, and connect your purpose to the greater good. This phase is about building a solid foundation and equipping you with the tools and strategies to make significant progress.

  • Session 1: 7th Chakra - Receiving Guidance & Connection​

  • Session 2: 6th Chakra - Vision & Conceiving​

  • Session 3: 5th Chakra - Expressing Purpose​

  • Session 4: 4th Chakra - Connecting Purpose to the Greater Good​

  • Session 5: 3rd Chakra - Your Super Powers​

  • Session 6: 2nd Chakra - Firm Foundations in Joy and Passion​

  • Session 7: 1st Chakra - Birthing into Physical Form​

Level 3: Fuel Your Fire: Doing the Work (Ongoing Support)

In Level 3, you'll put everything you've learned into action. This phase provides ongoing support as you implement your plans and navigate any challenges that arise. Regular sessions will help you stay accountable, refine your approach, and maintain momentum. With continued guidance and energy work, you'll keep your fire burning bright and live your purpose fully.

Closing / Graduation

  • Graduation: Reflect on where you started, where you've been, and what comes next!  

Ready to begin? Book your first 1:1 session and let's get this fire started!

Find Your Fire
Group Coaching Program

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The Find Your Fire Group Coaching Program follows the program outline above but each level is broken into its own group cohort. Each group is limited to 12 participants to ensure close-knit group where everyone can receive personalized attention, contribute to group discussions, and benefit from the shared experiences, while maintaining a supportive environment.

Find Your Fire: Ignite the Spark

For those that are looking to understand themselves and learn their purpose, this 7-week program connects a cohort to support each other in diving into life challenges and opportunities.

Spark to Flame: Bringing Purpose into Life

For those that have finished the Find Your Fire path, or that already know what their purpose is, this 7-week program will walk the group from dreaming to doing. This program works on a deep energetic level as we utilize the powers of your energy centers to unlock your gifts and potential.

Fuel Your Fire: Doing the Work

This is an ongoing group, for those that have graduated from the "charting your course" level (either in the group or the 1:1 program). This group meets every other week and is a place where we support each other in the work we are doing in the world, get energetic tune-ups, help removing the blocks that arise, and create a community of powerful changemakers that are lighting up the world.

Let's get started. Contact me to get on the waitlist for the next group program, or grab your seat below.

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